Xi Leap Requirements

With AOS 5.17, Xi Leap supports NearSync with a 5-minute RPO. For more information about NearSync sizing requirements, see portal.nutanix.com/page/documents/details/?targetId=Prism-Element-Data-Protection-Guide-v5_17%3Awc-dr-near-sync-requirements-limitations-r.html. Before AOS 5.17, Xi Leap supports 1 hour of RPO. All RPOs are supported by guaranteed SLAs. Note that there is no RPO for planned failover. *Xi Leap is available to customers in the US, Canada, UK and Europe as long as the technical requirements are met. Built-in: Xi Leap configuration and management is fully integrated with Nutanix Prism, so there is no learning curve. Yes, Xi Leap uses a set of scripts that run in the virtual machine before and after taking the snapshot. For applications running on Microsoft Windows, Xi Leap integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide application-consistent snapshots. Your virtual machine gets the same CPU and memory capacity. You can provision additional processors and memory as needed. First, create a new Xi account with your MyNutanix ID. Then follow the instructions to configure network connectivity from your on-premises environment to Xi Cloud, and then configure DR replication to a specific region.

The RTO depends on the number of virtual machines and delays/scripts that are part of the recovery plan. Our tests showed a recovery time of 8 seconds per virtual machine. RTO is also supported by an SLA. Disaster recovery solutions have always been expensive and difficult to implement. With Nutanix Xi Leap, customers benefit from significant total cost of ownership savings. Learn how Xi Leap can meet your performance and availability SLAs. One-click failover: Xi Leap provides disaster recovery orchestration to achieve reliable failover process execution and low recovery time objectives (RTO). Achieve SLAs with a cloud-based disaster recovery service designed for Nutanix HCI. Instantly set up failover, rollback, or test plans with just a few clicks.

Includes a secure and reliable VPN. Each virtual machine protected by Xi Leap falls into one of three price tiers: The quick and easy way to understand the potential overall savings in terms of operating costs. Pay-as-you-go: Xi Leap offers flexible subscription pricing, eliminating the need for customers to purchase secondary data center space or dedicated infrastructure for disaster recovery, converting capital expenditures into operating expenses. Nutanix AHV and ESXi (requires AOS 5.11) are supported. For NearSync support, AHV On-Prem in Xi Leap will be available from AOS 5.17 and ESX On-Prem in Xi Leap will be available from AOS 5.18. End-to-end security: Xi Leap offers end-to-end security with strong encryption for data at rest and built-in encrypted connections between sites for data in transit. All Nutanix hardware, Nutanix Xpress software edition, Nutanix certified hardware from OEMs (Dell, Lenovo) and Dell PowerEdge, HP and Cisco certified solutions on Nutanix HFCL can be used as a source for Xi Leap. IBM Power is currently not supported.

“Xi Leap was designed to be tested or even used, just in case. For example, if the news reported a Category 5 hurricane, we could perform a planned failover where our recovery point objective (RPO) is effectively zero. “Our previous system backed up the data in the same environment as the production server, so if something had gone down, we would have lost everything. Nutanix is the first solution that allows us to support true disaster recovery and business continuity. » Instant integration: Xi Leap simplifies the onboarding process by transferring workload profiles to xi Cloud. Xi Leap applies virtual machine, network, and security configurations to the recovery site, reducing initial setup time and streamlining failover processes. Xi Leap`s geographic footprint is best suited for customers in North America, the UK and Europe. Customers need to carefully weigh potential latency issues and SLA impacts. Explore the challenges and trends organizations face in terms of data availability and protection, an area lagging behind in infrastructure and application modernization. Learn how nutanix Enterprise Cloud`s simpler, more cost-effective approach can bridge the gap with protecting your data today and where it needs to be. Non-disruptive testing: Xi Leap provides non-disruptive testing that allows organizations to regularly check their disaster recovery (DR) readiness and achieve regulatory compliance Xi Leap is a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution that leverages The Nutanix Xi Cloud.

There is no extra price for Xi Leap Support; It is included in the price of the Xi service. Yes, the recovery plan contains all the information about the successful failover of an application in Xi Cloud, the e.B boot order, and IP address management. Cloud-based disaster recovery services, combined with security best practices such as multi-factor authentication, help thwart costly digital attacks. “Nutanix Xi Leap has eliminated all the complexity of deploying and managing multipoint solutions for disaster recovery. It`s great to know that we will resume operations very quickly in the event of an emergency. » Free yourself from the complexity of managing a complete data center for disaster recovery. Instead, rely on flexible, cloud-based DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS). Yes, all associated data and metadata is stored in the same region in which you are replicating. Customers should call Nutanix Support or submit an online service request using their Xi cloud account number, local cluster information (if required), and information about the issue being encountered.

Yes, you can keep the IP addresses of your apps during failover. Xi Leap is currently available in the United States West (Nevada), US East (Virginia), United Kingdom (London) and Germany. Get fully isolated virtual networks (per tenant) and choose from a variety of connectivity options. You can use the one-click VPN option provided by Nutanix to get started right away or bring your own. You can also use a private, low-latency, dedicated Direct Connect option provided by our partners. Implementing a disaster recovery solution has never been easier. There is nothing you need to install. Enable and manage the Xi Leap DR service from Prism, the interface you use to manage your Nutanix AOS clusters. Watch a Nutanix technical expert guide you through installation, configuration, and failover scenarios with Xi Leap.